Venezuelanska myter

Chefredaktören för Foreign Policy Moisés Naím har listat de tre viktigaste myterna om Venezuela.

Myt 1: Om oljepriset faller, faller Chávez.

Myt 2: Oppositionen är korrupt, planerar statskupp och består av de gamla oligarkerna.

Myt 3: Venezuela är en demokrati.

Läs mer här om varför detta är myter.


3 svar

  1. öööh. Moisés Naím is. Sure! here we have again the Israeli loggy attacking venezuela! All acording to their masters in Washington. Very nice.

    The first point is true because venezuela has reserve that support two years import. Do you know how long time has Spain? two weeks. And Sweden? Further more the futures 2010 on oil are been sold to 60 US$ so nobody believe that the price is going to be under 40 $ for a long time. Further more in a recent meeting betwwen China-Venezuela, Chavez confirmed that Venezuela will supply China with oil for ”200 years” this is good because the comming collapse of the Amerciab Economy in late 2009 will put big pressure to the export earnings. Chavez is moving away from the toxic American economy.

    the second point is just cheap propaganda that can be easyly be dismissed. But just for the ignorant that eventually read your blog..the opposition controls 80 % of the media in venezuela. And allt the international propaganda machine. But the people doest not believe in them anymore.

    Students leaders? Sure. One of the mosr known is Goycochea who was regarded with 4 000 000 kr for his ”work for freedom” by the US.

    Recently a man ,Luis Giusti, who was involved in coup d´eta plan and fervent anemy of Chavez was discovered to have connection with the fraudulent Stanford Bank. The good part of this is that many maffiosi, corrupts, oligarchs and wealthy people put their money in this bank in Antigua, because they hates Chaves and want to ”save” their money abroad! Perfet blow to the opposition!!

    The third point is in part contradictory with point 2. this show the extended bullshit the manipulators have to take. First near half the poöulation is again Chavez in the polls And after there is not democracy after all! Nice! What is democracy for you idiot? When some imcompent people run the country? Ask the neoliberal charlatans!

    Of course venezuela has some issues to take into account: the first is the comming collapse of the American economy, with possible geopliticak dislocations whithin and outside the US. The dislocation of the continental US will be a mayor issue on summer or late 2009 with great implications for the whole wolld but in the case of Venezuela which is be affected on the oil exports, for this reasons the bolivarian govenrment has just a narrow window to make subtantial changes on the import markets.

  2. Israeli loggy? Yes I am a part of that ”loggy”, we control the world behind the scenes, just like in that protocol. Buh!

    By the way I’m glad that the Venezuelan Embassy reads my blog, don’t forget to click on the adverts next time.

    Venezuela has frightened away investors from the country. This gives a lack of investment capital. Oil refineries are barely capable of functioning because of shoddy maintenance and mounting shortages of spare parts. The Venezuelan economy faces enormous structural obstacles’. These are not solved by selling the oil to another buyer.

    The Venezuelan parliament is dominated by Chavez-supporters. The judiciary system is not independent. The Justice of the Supreme Court has close ties to Chavez. The rule of law overall have serious flaws in Venezuela. Also other administrative authorities are under political pressure.

    Four large TV-channels are under government control. The same goes for a number of smaller channels and newspapers. The propagandists in these Medias do not risk facing harassment, in contrast to journalists in other Medias, so don’t talk so loud about a propaganda machine against Chavez.

    And now Chavez, not respecting the recent public vote, has forced another public vote on the same issue, making it possible for him to be president forever.

    Democracy? I beg to differ.

  3. In Venezuela, the money is controlled by the government.

    This is one of the mainly arguments in an article in the, Foreign Policy Moisés Naím and because of this the writer means that the Chavez government is undemocratic. It is quite interesting that such article appears in one of the most influential organs of the global economic ruling class.

    It says in few words that they in control of the economic power control as well the politic power and the institutions. For everyone awake this seen to be pretty obvious but the interested thing here is that just this newspaper tell us that this is absolutely truth and the same is relevant for the free democracies of the West! Who has the money here? Who control the institutions? Who determinate what you read and think? Who control the government?

    Venezuela is on the hands of Chavez. Or Why the liars hate him so much.

    Venezuela has a system in which the president has direct control over the legislature, the Supreme Court, the national electoral authority, the armed forces, the central bank, and the industry that is the country’s principal source of revenue.

    The president Chavez has the control of the legislature. If this is true why the people involved in the coup d´eta in April 2002 went free of the charges of sedition. The Supreme Court determinate that those people had to be leave in freedom. In which country could such a thing happens? In the US? No. Nowhere! This shows that the Supreme Court was in the hands of people that not respect the rule of law in Venezuela. Now that the Supreme Court is composed by more honest jurists the propaganda machine accused Chavez for “control the institutions”. What a face!

    The propagandist in the WSJ says also that Chavez control the National Electoral Authority. Chavez had won 14 of 15 elections in 10 years. The international community had attested the fair character in all those elections. Despite that the propagandists in the service of dark forces repeat all the time that Chavez cheats on the election. Venezuela had one of the most sophisticated electoral systems in the word completed computerised and very difficult to manipulate. If someone needs to be worry is the Venezuelan people that risk getting the system attacked by some intelligence services abroad and theirs cyber warriors

    The Armes Forces had in a democracy be under the political control stipulated in the Constitution. In the case of Venezuela is the president the supreme commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

    The Central Bank was put in the hands of the democratic elected political leadership long before the ongoing financial and economic crisis exploded. The government in Venezuela was well aware of the dangers of a system in which a few bankers determinate the destiny of a nation. The undemocratic character of this neoliberal solution becomes obvious in the case of the US where the Fed is a private cluster of the most powerful bankers that have the right to conduct the finance of an entire nation with disastrous results as we can witness today. The Central bank can not and will not be in the hand of private interests that can damage the people and the nation. The Central Bank has to be under political control of the government and its democratic institutions. The governments is the only that can give out currency and determined the financial policy in order to obtain the result for society as a whole. The mess in the financial markets that is conducing the US and the world into economic collapse is the best proof that those old neoliberal dogmas had to be exterminated by the roots.

    Chavez has in “his hand” the Venezuelan oil industry. Here we note the hypocrisy and manipulation of the Wall Street people. For the first the oil is the hand of the Venezuelan people. One of the proofs is that huge resources had been allocated to just those people in the form of pension, schools, hospitals, higher minimum wages, infrastructure, communal banks, micro loans, agriculture, education, science, sport, and support to small business and to the national industry. The charlatans maybe mean that the Oil could do better in the hands of the historic Venezuelan class that rules the land for 80 years. They keep silence about the fact that those “elites” never did anything for the nation or its people. Now they are claiming that IF they return to power they are going to make much more for the Venezuelan with the Oil incomes!! They have no shame in the body!! Maybe the propagandist of the WSJ means that the Oil could make more if the surpluses were in the hand of Exxon, Total, Statsoil or Shell? Sure that money could make better for the stock holders in those companies but not for the Venezuelan people. How much money those companies pay in order to recover those oil fields and put a friendly government in Venezuela?

    By the way. It is interesting to hear how wrong is Chavez when he takes control of some sectors in the industry in order to give a strategic direction to the production and development. When in the West the government hands out trillions of dollars to incompetent bankers and industrial managers in order to rescue them from the “invisible hand” of the market! In short we will see a lot of companies are saved with the taxpayer’s money and if the political elites were not a bunch of corrupts, they should have passed the control, at least in part, to the rightful owners: the taxpayers! But instead the incompetent charlatans get billions for free!!

    Here we see clearly why they hate Chavez. The liars and the gamblers hates when people see through their façades.

    PS: Funny that you think I writing in the name of the Bolivarian Republic. Unfortunally I´m not. My main issue is to attack theneoliberals charlatans and comment the ongoing collapse of the USA. By the Way…Irland is going to vote again the LIsabbon Treaty…hmm, quite democratic…but of course more that the Swedish version in which nobody asked the people!


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